I Love Singing in the Barbershop Style!
One of my favorite hobbies is singing -- especially barbershop quartet singing. The Barbershop Quartet is truly an American classic.  Click on the S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A. logo to find out more.

Most barbershop quartet songs have a tag at the end.  The tag features the parting message of the song with some fantastic close harmonies.  Tags are so fun to sing that sometimes we just skip the song and do the tag! The official publication of the barbershop harmony, The Harmonizer, publishes a special tag in most issues.

The link below will play "Smilin' Through" in barbershop style.  This particular version was performed by a virtual quartet (in which I recorded each voice part using a four-track recorder).

Smilin' Through

A favorite among barbershoppers is 

From the First Hello (to the Last Goodbye)

left to right:
Ricky Chaddock (baritone); Ron Middlestaedt (bass); 
Grant Warning (tenor); Ron Riley (lead)

Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America